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Hotjar Tracking Code

Your Hotjar Tracking Code is available in two areas:

  • Site Dashboard (it will disappear as soon as we detect that your code has been successfully installed)
  • Sites & Organizations (click on the cog icon in the top right, click on Sites & Organizations and click on TRACKING CODE)

Your Tracking Code will look similar to this:


Please note that the tracking code shown above is just as a demonstration. Please use the copy of the tracking code provided within your Hotjar account since each site's copy is unique.

To copy your Tracking Code, simply click on the COPY CODE button or select the entire code, right click and choose Copy.

Multiple Sites

If you add multiple sites, you will have a different unique Tracking Code for each site.

Installation Guides

Once you've copied the code, you can install the code on your site manually or follow one of the platform-specific guides below:

Please Note

If sometime after installing the Tracking Code your website undergoes a major design change where themes and template files are replaced or content in your <head></head> tags or anywhere else the tracking code is installed, are replaced, it's a possibility you will need to re-install the Tracking Code. To continue tracking visitors on your website, the tracking code must always be installed and accessible by our servers.

After making major design changes, please check to ensure your Tracking Code is still installed.

Hotjar Tracking Code