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To install the Hotjar Tracking Code on your self-hosted WordPress site, copy the code from the Hotjar admin and follow the steps below.

  1. Open the WordPress Editor.
  1. Open Header (header.php) from the side bar on the right.

The header.php file will load. It may not look exactly like the file below but the basic structure should be similar.

  1. Add the Hotjar Tracking Code just before </head>.
  1. Save the file. Your Hotjar Tracking Code is now installed.

Note: If your WordPress blog uses any caching plugins, you may have to clear your cache to make sure the script is added to your site.

Once you have added the Hotjar Tracking Code to your site, you will need to wait a few minutes for Hotjar to check if it is installed correctly. This usually happens the moment your site is loaded with the Hotjar code on it (you can visit the page yourself to speed it up). Once Hotjar has detected the Tracking Code on your site, the Site Dashboard will show a notice like the one below:

Installing Hotjar by using a Script Installation Plugin

If you're not comfortable installing the tracking code in your header.php file, you can use a header / footer script management plugin to assist with this.

You can use the OH Add Script to Individual Pages Header Footer plugin, for example, which helps to simplify the installation process.


Please bear in mind that any script management plugins installed are not managed by Hotjar. Therefore, if you encounter any challenges during installation of the plugin or experience any incompatibility issues you would need to refer to the plugin author for assistance.

Also, please ensure that you backup your WordPress installation before installing any new plugins to your site.

Can Hotjar be installed on a hosted site?

Unfortunately, the Hotjar tracking code cannot be installed on a free hosted website due to the fact that custom plugins cannot be installed on the platform. In addition, custom JavaScript is blocked from being embedded within these types of sites.