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Hotjar Product Roadmap

Updated: 5th October 2017

This roadmap highlights the features & improvements planned for Hotjar. Priorities can change as we face new challenges.

At Hotjar we are committed to executing iterative and rapid improvements based on our vision of Hotjar and feedback from our users and customers. Don't hesitate to contact us with your ideas and feedback.

Projects currently in progress:

  • Improved billing functionality and flexibility.
  • Improved recording filters and segments.
  • Mobile app beta launch.
  • Sample rate visualization.

Coming next:

  • Hotjar <> GA Integration.
  • Ability to pass custom user data to Hotjar.
  • Hotjar <> Zapier Integration.
  • Heatmap Segmentation by traffic medium.
  • 'Always-on' recordings.

Completed projects & improvements:

Q4 2017

  • Storage of CSS files for recordings.

Q3 2017

  • Improved experience for Incoming Feedback widgets.
  • Incoming Feedback out of beta.

Q2 2017

  • Optimizely integration for recordings.
  • Segment integration.

Q1 2017

  • Official support for Single Page Apps.
  • Incoming Feedback Beta.

Q4 2016

  • Incoming Feedback waiting list.
  • New improved sign-up process.
  • Interface improvements.

Q3 2016

  • Ability to change owner of an account.
  • Improvement of Poll Creation / Editing screens.
  • Integration with Google Tag Manager.
  • Event Triggers for Heatmaps and Recordings.
  • Question bank for Polls.

Q2 2016

  • Question logic for Polls.
  • Improved the Recording Player with shortcuts and auto-play functionality.
  • Support for American Express.

Q1 2016

  • Exclude / does not contain in page targeting for feedback tools.
  • Optimize Hotjar script for speed and deliverability (Phase 2 of 3).
  • Daily feedback notification emails and snapshot notification settings.
  • Hubspot Integration (Polls).
  • Improve Recordings player usability (next, previous, autocycle, user actions, etc).
  • New onboarding flow for new users.

Q4 2015

  • Add comments to recordings within the Hotjar interface.
  • Server–Side listing and sorting of recordings.
  • Event Triggers in Polls, Surveys and Recruiters.
  • More advanced targeting for Polls and Surveys.
  • Support sub / cross domain tracking.
  • Support cross domain tracking for page targeting.
  • Improve Recordings player performance and stability.

Q3 2015

  • iframe support for Heatmaps and basic support for Recordings.
  • Ability to 'pre-filter' recordings in Visitor Playback.
  • Support for Heatmap creation on dynamic (session based) and password protected pages.
  • Ability to delete responses.
  • Ability to see Visitor Recordings for converting sessions in funnels.
  • Referral Program.

Q2 2015

  • Ability to add tags to recordings.
  • Manually hide elements in Heatmap screenshots.
  • Add the ability to do multiple questions in feedback polls.

Q1 2015

  • Ability to see session recordings from links within Conversion Funnels.
  • Update Visitor Playback to support dynamic pages, AJAX driven pages and password protected pages.
  • Release Form Abandonment.


  • Add overlay Click data to heatmaps.
  • Improve menu navigation and access to settings.
  • Ability to delete bulk / all visitor recordings.
  • Optimize Hotjar script for speed and deliverability (Phase 1 of 3).
  • Improve URL field input, add support for query strings and introduce regex.
  • Release support for organisations and sharing between organisation users and sites.
  • Ability to share visitor recordings publicly.
  • Regex and Query string support in Funnels.
  • Add word cloud to Polls.
  • Localize visitor facing strings in polls and surveys.
  • Allow surveys to be triggered on site pages.
  • Add new question types to polls and surveys.