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Accounts, Organizations and Sites


Once you sign-up for Hotjar, you will create a Hotjar account and you will automatically become the account owner of that account. As you sign-up, you will also enter details of your organization. Every Hotjar account is made up of at least one Organization – but can include an unlimited number of organizations.


An Organization represents a legal entity that owns one or more sites. If you want to add a site that is owned by a client, you are required to set this up as a separate Organization. This requirement allows Hotjar to sustainably offer 'unlimited sites' to our users.

You are able to choose a different Hotjar Plan for each organization in your account. Based on the plan selected, you may have sampling enabled.


Each organization can have an unlimited amount of sites as long as they are all owned by that organization.


You will be given a unique Hotjar Tracking Code for each site added.

User Access

All users added to an Organization receive access to all sites that fall under the Organization.

Accounts, Organizations and Sites