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Creating Your First Form Report

The guide below shows you how to add a form report in 6 easy steps.

  1. Click on NEW FORM from the forms section of your Hotjar admin.

This will load the form create page which will allow you to specify what form you want to track.


Hotjar form reports currently have a few limitations. For example, if the form is on a page behind a login or is on a session-based page such as a checkout page, Hotjar cannot detect those. Please see our forms Troubleshooting page for a short list of other limitations

  1. Enter the name of your form and the URL it is on.

Click on LOAD FORMS ON PAGE as soon you've entered the URL your form is on.

Not working?

If Hotjar is unable to load your form, please check our Troubleshooting article for more information on why this could be happening.

Snapshot size

The snapshot size will determine how many sessions Hotjar will track your form for before it considers the form report as complete. For more information, have a look at our "Snapshots" Explained article.

  1. Choose which form you want to track.

If your page has multiple forms, you will need to select the form you wish to track (you can only track one form per page).

  1. Confirm which fields to track.

At this point, you can also rename fields and re-order them. The way they are ordered now will determine how they appear in the form report later on.

The following form input field types are supported:

  • Text (short)
  • Textarea (long)
  • "Select" dropdowns
  • Checkboxes
  • Radio buttons

  • Create the form.

Once you add a form to Hotjar, it will appear in your forms list.

Forms List

Forms List

The icon to the left of each form shows you the status of each form.

  1. View your form report.

Once your form report is running and data is being collected, you can click View Report to see the full form report.

Example of form report

Example of form report

Not working?

You will need to wait a few minutes before you start to see data. If you know for a fact that your form report should have tracked interactions / submissions but you are seeing no (or incomplete) data, please check our Troubleshooting article for more information on why this could be happening.

Understanding the form metrics

To get a better understanding of what all the form metrics mean, have a look at our Understanding the Form Report article.

Sampling in forms

If Hotjar is sampling data for your form, you will see a notice saying This report is based on a sample of your total visitors. Have a look at our Sampling in Hotjar article to learn more about sampling.

Creating Your First Form Report