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How do Hotjar Recruiters Work?

Hotjar's Recruiters allows you to recruit your own visitors for user testing.

Nothing quite beats spending some one-on-one time with your users / Visitors. It might sound like a lot of work – but it's actually quite a fun and extremely insightful experience.

A closer look at the Recruiter widget.

The different 'states' a Recruiter can have.

The different 'states' a Recruiter can have.

Once you set up a Recruiter on your site, your visitors are shown the widget which 'peeps' from the bottom of the page. Your visitors have two options at this point:

1: Minimize the widget:
Only a fraction of your visitors will be interested in carrying out a user testing session, or they might want to wait a bit longer before they decide. For this reason, they can minimize your Recruiter which won't distract them. They can expand it later if they wish to and subscribe.

A cookie remembers this setting.

When a visitor minimizes a Recruiter, Hotjar sets a cookie on the their browser to remember this setting. This is done so that the Recruiter will load as minimized immediately if they navigate to another page where the same Recruiter is set to show. Learn more about the cookies we store

2: Sign up!:
If your visitor is interested in participating in a user testing session, they simply need to fill in a few details. You can then later decide which of your respondents you wish to contact for the user test.

A cookie remembers which Recruiters have been submit.

When a visitor submits your Recruiter, Hotjar stores a cookie on their browser to remember this. This is done so that the same Recruiter does not show twice to the same visitor, even if they navigate to a different page where the same Recruiter is set to show. Learn more about the cookies we store

Information collected from your visitors.

Hotjar collects the following information about your visitors when they submit a response.

  • Full name (entered by user);
  • Age (entered by user);
  • City (entered by user);
  • Email (entered by user);
  • Phone number (entered by user);
  • Country;
  • Device;
  • Browser;
  • Operating System.

Options summary.

The list below is a complete list of all the customizations and options available in every Recruiter:

  • Unlimited number of pages you can target with a single Recruiter;
  • Thank you message customization;
  • Unlimited color options (using a color picker);
  • Field selection – decide which fields to show in the widget;
  • 3 Device targeting options - Desktops, Tablets and Phones;
  • 4 Behavior triggers - Learn more;
  • 3 Persistence behavior options - Learn more;
  • Targeting Cap - Allows you to only show a Recruiter to a % of targeted visitors;
  • Over 35 languages, including right-to-left languages such as Arabic and Hebrew;
  • Left or Right positioning for Desktops and Tablets (always central on Phones);
  • Hiding Hotjar Branding (Available on BUSINESS plan only).

How do Hotjar Recruiters Work?