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How do Hotjar Surveys Work?

Hotjar's Surveys allows you to ask your site visitors or customers an unlimited number of questions. On top of that you can invite people to fill in your survey directly from any page of your site and based on a behaviour (such as after a short delay or when they are about to leave the page).

The Survey page.

The surveys are hosted on Hotjar's website. When creating a new Survey, you will be provided with a URL which you can give your users directly, such as including it in a newsletter email sendout. You also have the option to invite your site visitors directly from your site

A Survey page example.

A Survey page example.

Survey invite (site widget).

A typical Survey Invite which can be added to your site.

A typical Survey Invite which can be added to your site.

If you set up your Survey to show an invite on your site, your visitors are shown a central popup asking them to participate in your Survey. All the text within the popup is fully customizable including the buttons. The options your visitors have are the following:

1: Take part in the Survey
When clicking the button, the popup will close and a new tab will open in your visitor's browser opening the survey page.

2 and 3: Dismiss the modal and do not participate
Not all your visitors will be eager to participate, so they can click on the highlighted buttons (1 and 2). This will close the popup.

A cookie remembers which Survey Popups have have been closed.

When a visitor agrees to participate or not, Hotjar stores a cookie on their browser to remember this. This is done so that the same Survey does not show twice to the same visitor, even if they navigate to a different page where the same Survey is set to show. Learn more about the cookies we store

Types of questions you can ask participants.

Hotjar's Surveys supports 5 types of questions:

  • Long text answers;
  • Short text answers;
  • Radio buttons (with freeform comments and randomization of answers options);
  • Checkboxes (with freeform comments and randomization of answers options);
  • Net Promoter Score.

Options summary.

The list below is a complete list of all the customizations and options available in every Survey:

  • Unlimited number of questions you can ask in a single Survey;
  • 5 different question types, including freeform comments and randomization of answers for close-ended questions;
  • Ability to enable a Survey invite directly on your site on an unlimited number of pages;
  • Thank you message customization;
  • 3 Device targeting options - Desktops, Tablets and Phones;
  • 4 Behavior triggers - Learn more;
  • Over 35 languages, including right-to-left languages such as Arabic and Hebrew;
  • Hiding Hotjar Branding (Available on BUSINESS plan only).

How do Hotjar Surveys Work?