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Sampling in Hotjar

Hotjar makes use of sampling to determine which of your visitors should be recorded if your traffic is more than what your plan allows. To ensure that your sampled data is as accurate as possible, Hotjar developed a proprietary sampling engine which distributes data collection evenly over the course of a day.

Depending on the Hotjar plan you are subscribed to, Hotjar will analyze your traffic and constantly adjust the sample rate by trying to predict how much traffic your sites will receive over the next 24 hours. Our sampling engine ensures that Hotjar records the maximum amount of visitors that your plan allows. Below are the thresholds for each plan:

  • Hotjar BASIC: 2,000 daily pageviews;
  • Hotjar PLUS: 10,000 daily pageviews;
  • Hotjar BUSINESS: 20,000 daily pageviews.

We also provide custom higher sample rates for sites with high volumes of traffic and for users who wish to record all visitors. Contact us about higher sample rates.

An example on how sampling works.

An example on how sampling works.


Sampling is only used in Analysis tools (Heatmaps, Recordings, Funnels and Forms). All Feedback tools collect data from 100% of your visitors.

How do I know when my data is sampled?

Whenever a Funnel, Form or Heatmap is using sampled data, you will see a notice saying "This <feature> is based on a sample of your total visitors". If this notice is not visible, that means that Hotjar did not sample your visitors for the report you are viewing.

Sampling in Hotjar