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Using Hotjar for Clients

Hotjar has been built with agencies and consultants in mind, and we've made it very simple and easy to collaborate with your clients.

There are 2 ways you can use Hotjar on your client sites:

1: You can invite your clients to set up their own account – which they will manage and pay for themselves. In such a case, you get instant access to the client’s sites.

2: You can manage and pay for your clients’ accounts by adding them directly to your own account as separate 'Organizations'. The first organization on a paid plan will be billed at the standard price. Any additional organizations on paid plans will be at the discounted monthly rates shown below:

Standard Price
Agency Discounted Price










Please note: The first paid organization is at the Standard Price.

Please see the example in the box below for more information.
Check out the Hotjar Plans (BASIC, PLUS, BUSINESS) article for more information on each plan. Please note as well that all Hotjar plans come ready to take advantage of the agency discount and client account management feature. Simply start by adding client organizations to your account.

You can see all pricing and plan options here:


Agency XYZ has 10 clients and wishes to use Hotjar on all their sites. They set up an account on Hotjar within which they have an 'Organization' called 'Agency XYZ'. Only sites owned by Agency XYZ can be added to this organization. Agency XYZ creates 10 separate organizations e.g. 'Client A', 'Client B' etc...

In this setup, Agency XYZ chooses the Plus plan for their primary account and pays $29. The client organizations are charged at a discounted rate of $9 each. With 10 clients the total monthly subscription fee is $119 ($29 + $90).

For step by step instructions on how to add new sites to your organization, you can read our Adding Sites to your Account article.

Using Hotjar for Clients